Theatre-Go-Round Dinner Theatre

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As we continue following the CDC’s rulings closely in order to safely reopen Theatre-Go-Round Dinner Theatre at our Costa d’Este Beach Resort and Spa location in Vero Beach, we are still under the 6’ social distancing rule between tables as well as between each person seated at the tables. Unfortunately, that only allows for 24 people that can be admitted at any given performance. It is financially impossible for the dinner theatre to operate with an audience of 24 when our seating capacity is normally 80 people per performance.

As we are also rapidly approaching the end of “season” here in Florida, it is beginning to look more and more like this pandemic will shutter the dinner theatre operations once again until the Winter of 2022. We simply cannot endanger the health of our performers, technicians, restaurant staff and you, our patrons.

Those holding reservations with previously purchased tickets; we ask for your patience. We will contact you directly as soon as an opening date has been established and will honor your future reservations before putting ticket sales on the market to the general public.

Please stay safe, wear a mask and continue to practice social distancing. We look forward to serving you in the months ahead.